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We advise, coach, and consult with corporate executive leadership and recruiting solutions providers on Talent Acquisition, that delivers better business results.

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Your Needs, Our Services

Experienced Talent Acquisition Leader

You are an experienced recruiting leader who has taken on new or broader responsibilities. 

You need advice and best practices that others leaders have used to solve a recruiting challenge. 

You need a trusted advisor who saves you time and money based on the lessons learned of what does and doesn’t work.         

Experienced HR or Business Leader

You are an HR or Business leader moving into your new role as the head of Talent Acquisition. 

You have the business experience, you know how things get done in your organization, but you could use expert advice accelerating your all things Talent Acquisition knowledge. 

You need a trusted advisor who saves you time and money based on the lessons learned of what does and doesn’t work.              


You're the CEO or CHRO who needs unfiltered, unbiased, no nonsense advice on your companies Talent Acquisition people, process and technology strategies.  

You're looking for a trusted, confidential, on-call, Talent Acquisition Virtual Chief of Staff. One that knows the right questions to ask, understands your busy and needs actionable and insightful advice. 

What we love and do

We partner with you by providing actionable talent acquisition outcomes on what works and lessons learned relevant to your specific needs.

We have been the head of global talent acquisition and in executive leadership roles for companies like McKesson, Deloitte, Microsoft and Avanade, so we know all the challenges and opportunities tied to creating a world class recruiting function.   

Our partnership is confidential and flexible, from quarterly to longer term engagements.


We schedule regular meetings with you, while creating the flexibility for more time sensitive confidential discussions via video, phone, email or text.

When you engage McINTOSH & Co. you could be looking to solve for:    

  • Reduce the cost to serve.
  • Improve the quality of hire.
  • Optimize the time to fill.
  • Scale your high volume hiring.
  • Build a proactive passive sourcing team OR enhance a RPO's results.
  • Help your recruiters become talent advisors.
  • Maximize the ROI on your programs and technology investments.
  • Create impactful metrics, KPI’s and scorecards.
  • Benchmark your company on key metrics.
  • Audit and analysis of your processes, workflows and SLA’s
  • Reduce the noise in the business around talent acquisition.
  • Review and recommendations on optimal org design and 3-year business plan conversations to meet your business needs.


Miranda Kalinowski, Head of Global Talent Acquisition

As a TA lead, there is incredible value in having an objective, ‘neutral’ party share lessons learned and what’s worked best from across industries- someone to bounce ideas around with who has been-there-done-that and can talk with experience about the weeds as well as the blue skies. This service has been missing in our industry and I welcome it with open arms.    

Our Expertise and Experience

Scaling your high volume hiring quickly. We have experience building and optimizing scalable organization global talent acquisition delivery models (High volume, Proactive/Passive Sourcing, RPO, CoE’s, Shared Services, Matrixed).

All things talent data. We know how to effectively tell the story with data that gets buy-in and influences change. Advanced recruitment analytics, all recruiting metrics, talent scorecards, KPI’s and data integrity analysis.

Leadership competencies and people challenges. We have worked in many different organizational structures, we know sometimes company cultures can be challenging to navigate to get traction on your agenda. We know how to influence up and across the enterprise, help coach leaders though underperforming employees, and develop the core competencies of team performance. 

Improving quality of hire. We have deployed interview and assessment frameworks that attract and identify a higher performing employee.

Operational governance and optimization. Our experience is deep analysis and recommendations on recruiting process, policies and programs that identify and remove inefficiencies.

Helping recruiters become talent advisors. We have advised, consulted and built training curriculum on how to turn your recruiting function into a more consultative, proactive advisor to HR and the business. We provide our clients practical advice, templates, training decks, competencies and tools. 

Optimal Technology solutions. Advice, recommendations on Talent Acquisition technology solutions that optimize delivery with clear line of sight to the ROI.

Process Automation. We have experience with AI/Chat-Bots, Sourcing tools, Candidate engagement and Interview scheduling solutions.

Best of class talent programs. We speak with hundreds of Talent Acquisition, HR and business leaders about their talent programs. We know what best of class Employee referral, Diversity, College/Campus, Executive Search programs looks like, and help companies take the lesson learned to develop their own.     

How are we different?

We have sat in the chair as the head of global talent acquisition, working in 4 different continents across multiple different industries for the last 20 years. 

We come from a position of deep practioner experience vs those pricy HR consultants whose advice does not match their bill rates. 

We speak business and recruiting language, not HR consulting buzzspeak, so we spend more time on helping you solve your problems vs trying to impress you.

We have made the mistakes and learn‘t from those lessons in the past, so you don’t have to spend the time and money on what does not work.  

We have spoken with hundreds of Recruiting, HR and business executives, so we know what exceptional vs average looks like. 

Don’t just take our word for it. 

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